Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Paleo Big Mac

Following the Paleo diet puts major restrictions on some of our old favourite food, which causes major cravings, and temptations to cheat "just this one time" (which never is the case). The Big Ma - whether you've tried it or not - is one of the most famous, yet unhealthy burgers out there being loaded with sodium, sugars, bad carbs, and tons of calories. Plates to Plates has transformed this original into an 100% Paleo burger, which tastes even better (hard to believe? Try it yourself!)


1 large sweet potato 
1 large egg 
Cajun spice 
Salt & Pepper
(If beef patties aren't already formed)

1/2 lb. Ground beef 
1 large egg 
Salt & Pepper



1. Start heating a small pan on medium, and add a base of olive oil. 

2. Grate entire sweet potato into thin, small strips and place in a mixing bowl.
3. Add egg, cajun, and salt & pepper to bowl and mix all ingredients.

4. Pour a thin layer of the mixture into the pan (using a ladle helps) 
and cook until bottom is browned and firm. 

5. Flip, and repeat. 


1.In a bowl, add egg to ground beef and mix together. 

2. Form the beef into balls of around the size of a golf ball and then flatten into a patty. 

3. Top with sea salt & pepper, then cook patty on a pan set on medium heat until browned throughout. 

4. Once finished, take burger patties and place onto the first bun, topping it with desired condiments. Place second bun, adding desired toppings/veggies, and finnish it off by placing the top bun.

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